We have a partnership with a fantastic organization in El Salvador called ENLACE, which empowers local community members to become entrepreneurs with their gardens.  This community development plan provides a healthier and more sustainable future for their families, resulting in better education and housing.

Here are a few stories of the impact the home gardens on having on their families and communities in El Salvador.

Dina Velasquez

When the Home Gardens Project first began in El Espino, Dina Velasquez had no desire to cultivate her own garden. She was going through an emotional crisis and believed that any attempt to garden would be unsuccessful, but she reluctantly agreed to participate after much encouragement from her friends. Now, Dina has a flourishing garden which has helped to ease her stress, and she enjoys serving as one of the project's biggest advocates.

Mercedes Portillo

Mercedes Portillo is a leader in his community who has been cultivating vegetables for years. When the Home Gardens Project began in Abelines, he learned techniques to yield better and healthier produce. The improvements to his garden have helped his large family to have a more nutritious diet, and have eased their financial burden with extra income from the sale of surplus vegetables.

Azucena Fuentes

Azucena and her family are new to the area of La Loma, and she is excited to have the opportunity to grow tomatoes at her home. She and her two children are now able to eat the vegetables, as well as sell the surplus to help with home expenses. Next harvest, Azucena looks forward to expanding her garden by cultivating even more plants.

Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio is a new father and a resident of La Loma. He is excited to be able to sell tomatoes from his garden in order to provide for his new son. As a leader, he is happy that the home garden participants are creating a positive example for the community.